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terriblyywrong. wrong. one of 18 killee at a drug - - rehab center ii juarez mexico. several months latte- cartel hitmen massacre 16 at a peennger's birthday party. weapons usee in both attacks operatton - fass and furious. reyesssays: "ttey are wwiting ffr an answer. theyy want to now what happened. &pand why they idn't stop thes guns roo leaving he us and ending up in these crimes. " spanish anguage network univisioo aad ffx news weapons recooered in mexico... and compared those serial numbers wwth the 2,000 guns sold in fast and furious. more than two dozen matched - connectiig an untold this woman lost tto ram. sons to fast and furioussguus. reyes says: "they feel helppess. they on't know what to do. we intervieeed one of them and they said... who's going to pay for thiss" government, shouud the family of border aaent brian terry prevail in heir wwongful death claim. gonzalez says:: ""he people can go and sue in the united tates with support of merican lawyers anddthat will be a very interesting development certainly" for its part,,the mexican government has remained larg
.the operation involved bureau offalcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives agents sending guns into mexico, to lead the to dangerous cartels.one of those guns was later linked to the death of a border patrol agent. ryan asks supporters to donaae to the ampaignnso that he and mitt romney can quote "restore justtce to the justice department."a justice department official says ryan has his facts wrong... and the obama administrationnis d - stepping in... in the case of a maryland man imprisoned in of bringing communications equipment into the ccuntry back in 2009.amerrcan doctors believe gross may have a shoulder... and now the state department is advocating for &phis release.cuban health perfect health.ross is in - it'ssthe video that's going viral.alllgator pool parties are becoming a hit in fforida... but pretty soon... they could be a thing of thh past.that's because statee wildlife officials are stepppng in... to change the alllwing the gators tt swwm - freely in peoplls' pools... is "that someone is wanting to in yourrpool is bsurd and &pdanggrous o the alligator an the children."
your pantry.today... a new mexico company called "sunland"... which produced jars of peanuu butter... is expanding its ecall.the roasted shelled and innshell --3 maryyand... he producc is sold at trader joe's.aa least 35 people have been siikeeed by salmonella... that's linked to he ompany's products. tooorrow night... preeideet obama anddgovernor itt romney face off in their second debate.president obama is under ppessure... after receiving poorrreviiws from the last debbte.this deeatee.. hassa differentt moddrated by c-n-n's candy crowley.but it's the undecided voters who willlbbeassing te 16 --:33 "the challenge is that they've got to connecc, not juss wiih the people that television and watchinggthem, but to he people that are on the stage with them -- some 80 or so uudeeided voters as chosen by gallup, so they have to keep those folks in mind. up lose adventure with voters.. voters."analystsssaa the forrat ccull be good orrthe president... who is able to draw energg froo the crowd. 3a fneral will be hell tomorrow... for formee u-s senator, arlen specter.he diid afte
-thousand people in mexico. 3 3 that's all for tte news at ten...i'm jennifer gilbert... bruce cunninggam and morgan adsit tell us áif we knowá if the orioles are playoff bound in sportssunlimited...bruce and morgan... coming up tonight on sports unlimited...the orioles ddd &pwhat they needed to do...but thooe angels preventtd an on- field celebration... celebration... but they had one last chance birds are headed to the pllyoff. playoffs... 3 jim johnson puts himself in elite company...why his save today was historic... historic...it would've been one of thh great mmments in orioles history... how torii hunterrruiied the party... party...and redskins-bucs comes down to a last second cundiff could be the hero for thh skins...sports unlimited starts after this... 3 1
oneeteaccer in new mexico is --3 pryinn too ut a ban on the popular snack.tte teacher wrrte a letter to parents urging them to keep the pheetossat home....saying its aahealth hazard, ii spreads germs since students share them and it makes for a messy cllan-up because of the red dye..parents even admit they are guiity of feeeinn the habit. "my daughter brings snack packs to school, i don't have pack of cheetos to school. - just because i knoo my chiid aad i know she ouud eat the whole bag in one day." day." one bag of cheetos has p4 grams offfat and nearly 7-hunnree calories...thht's pboot half the caloric intake a teen needs in aaday. 3 3 3 coming up in less then 11 minutes on he late edtion... the change n michael vick's live... that doesnt make any ssese... bidennlaughing nats natsbut nextt..the reaction o jje biden's...llughhng... cackling...smirking ddbate performance...after the break breakiiggnews out of north baltimore...thess are our first pictures frommthe scene of shoottng on east 26th street...a woman was found in theessreet... shot in the head. sse is in critical
both were born in mexico. came to california. he signed a 1.57 contract earlier in the year. the cfo and president of the giants told us a very moving story. >> joe: the batter is allen craig. first up in the bottom of the ninth. strike 1 >> tim: there's larry right there. larry was telling us when romo signed the contract, that he was in tears, saying that he's never thought of making that kind of money. and you hear about all the big salaries being paid all over, joe, and it's just the most moving thing to see a guy who appreciates it like sergio romo. >> joe: one ball, one strike on allen craig, who has doubled tonight 1 for 3. romero has settle into that closer's spot. there's the good breaking ball from romero. strike 2. sergio romo telling us before the game he will never forget getting jay bruise in the ninth inning of game five, the division series that's correct battle, scott rolen, and what it meant to his teammates to get them to the next level and complete that come back. the 1-2. 2-2. >> tim: bruce and rolen represented the winning run if they connected and then cincinna
.... today... / a.... new mexico company ...called "sunland"..../ ...off.. peanut butter... i/ iss.. áexpandingá its recall..../ it... now includee... rrw... and... roasted shelled... and... in--- sold in several sized... containers.../.in... maryland... the product....is sold ...at....trader joe's.../// 35 people... havv een sickened... by saalonella../ linked to.. the commany's products. tomorrow soccal seeurity payments are set to go up for americans - but noo assmuch as most people hoped.between dollars... hat small jump is what he typical retiree is expecced oosee in january. january.preliminary figures show theesocial security increase for 2013 could be the &ppowest since 1975...a one to two percent rise issexpected- comparee tt the 3.6 percent increase recipients saw this year. 54-103"because the economy is bad ii this ccuntry the re soo governmenn can't eep up with the cost oo living increase. this is a disaster for everrone living on social secur" security."next year's number is tied tightly tt inflation. the cost-of-living adjustment is said to
drug... you can log on to our website... fox baltimore dot 3 the dawn skyyovee albuquerque, nnw mexico was filled with hot air balloons sunday. sunday.the start of the albuquerque internattonal balloon fiesta had been pigh winds on saturday...but &pballoon after balloon rose into the air the next morning baaloons took part.it's the largest hot air balloonn festival in the world. coming up... dress to pmpress... no matter whht your age.find out which dress style best suits your body... in your 20's, 30's aad 40's. a creative way... to say áthank youá.the danceeclasses being offered... at no charge. morning news.. all local.. all mmoning. ((bump out)) ♪ i, i'll bring the fire make you come alive ♪ ♪ i can take you higher what this is, forgot? ♪ ♪ i must now remind you let it rock, let it rock ♪ ♪ let it rock ♪ just let it rock ♪ let it rock ♪ this time pthey are dancing to show their appreciation.creative &pimpulle is hosting their 3rd annual appreeiation daa. tahirah bowrey from creative impulse dance studio is mornings hometown hotspot. - why is it so important to
funding for abortion and will act immediately to ensure that that is not the case. by reversing the mexico city policy and would, indeed, sign the legislation, that protects, further protects innocent human life and he's completely consistent here. >> chris: all right, let's talk about what david axelrod brought up in the question of taxes. in the vice presidential debate, paul ryan, once again, got roughed up for failing to explain how you'll pay for the 20% cut in tax rates by limiting deductions. let's take a look. >> i want to work with congress how best to achieve this, that means successful. what we are saying, lower tax rates 20%, start with the wealthy, work with congress to it. >> chris: ryan is saying, we don't want to get hemmed in. let's leave it to congress. why is it all right to tell voters about the candy, everybody gets a 20% tax cut -- cut in their tax rates and let's not tell them about the spinach, where you lose deductions. >> in a campaign environment, to start negotiating in a campaign environment you will lock in republicans and lock in democrats... >> chris: you lo
grandfather was from mexico and my wife's father was from wales. i want the legal system to be better and clearer. you shouldn't have to hire a lawyer to figure out how to get in. and we need to give green cards to people who have what we need. get a green card on your diploma, come to the u.s.a. we have to stop illegal immigration. 4 million people are waiting to get here legally. i will not grant amnesty to those here illegally. there will be employment verification and i won't put in place magnets for people coming here illegally. i would not give drivers licenses to them as the president would. the kids -- they when the president ran for office, he said he would put in place that would reform our immigration system. he did not do it. he had a democrat house and a democrat senate. why did he fail to promote legislation that would have provided an answer for those who wanted to come here legally and for those who were here illegally today? that is a question at the present will have a chance to answer right now. >> we are a nation of immigrants. we all understand what this country h
of the nation's larggst grocery store riiht heee in maryland...are butter recall. pecaal.new mexico-based "ssnland" is rrcalling peanut butter and everal other nut- based products over salmonella . concerns.the affected products were first traced to trader joe's but items sold at landover-based giant food, as well as whole foods market, target and seveeal othee ajor retailers are nowwincluded. coming up... creative costumes. postumes.the outfit that gets our vote for best hhlloween costume ever. costume ever.best halloween costuues.coming up... es..- are now included.majoo aan foods market, well as pholeegiant food, as laadover-based items sold at &ptrader jje's but first traced to products were the affected the ffected products were firstttraced to trader joe's but items sold aa pandooeerbaseddgiant food, as well s whole foods markee, target anddmajor retailers are now included. coming up... reative cossumes one faahee becomes creative... with his son's halloween costume....his is carter's spina bifiid and is confinee to a wheelchair.the dad buill entirely around the chair.eve
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11